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tan care instructions



Shower and exfoliate at least 4-6 hours before your appointment. It is important not to do so any closer to the appointment time, as this can significantly impact the outcome. To exfoliate properly: start by taking a regular shower, shaving, and washing your hair as you normally would. Once you've completed these steps, use exfoliating mitts or gloves to gently scrub your entire body in circular motions, without any product on the mitt - just water. The goal is to remove dead skin, oil and moisturizers from your body wash, and any remaining old tan, if necessary. A loofah is not recommended as it does not provide effective exfoliation. If you don't have exfoliating mitts or gloves, a wet washcloth can be used as an alternative. After you've finished exfoliating, rinse off and avoid applying any lotions or products to your skin.

Waxing, manicures, and pedicures should be done the day before your appointment. Please advise us if you had a mani/pedi only if it is the same day of your appointment so we can prep your skin.

We have wipes available for you to remove deodorant and makeup before your appointment. You'll need clean, fresh skin. You do not have to go all day without deodorant.


Your first shower should be a rin​se only. Use your hands like a washcloth and gently go over your entire body to remove the bronzer. 

Avoid using loofahs, washcloths and any body washes with an exfol​iant during the life of the tan. That means soap on your hands only. 

Use a mild and moisturizing shower gel. DO NOT USE DOVE, OIL OF OLAY, NATIVE or any exfoliating body wash. Bar soaps have been known to fade a tan quickly. 

You may shave 24 hours after the tan but please be aware, the more you shave the quicker your legs will fade.

Moisturize your skin daily, more than once a day if possible. Skip any skin firming or anti aging lotions. They are generally alcohol based and known to fade a tan. 

Pat you skin dry. Never rub your skin with a towel as it can rub you tan off.


Please remove your jewelry prior to your appointment.

Wear loose dark clothing and loose shoes. Flip flops are best. No leggings, sports bras over your head or tight jeans, etc. A dress is not recommended unless you want to spend the day making sure your legs do not touch. 

The type of solution you are tanned with will determine how long you will have to wait before getting wet. It varies from 1 to 8 hours. Your tan needs time to set and during that time you will not be able to get wet. That means no shower or exercise. IT IS HOT IN NEW ORLEANS! You do not want to sweat off the solution or cause streaking so please do not plan to participate in outdoor e​vents before your rinse time.

Women may tan completely nude. Men are required to wear underwear or shorts.

Do not come to your appointment apologizing for smelling funky, not shaving, having cellulite, being overweight, being underweight, having babies or having body hair. Whatever it is you are thinking. Do not apologize for it. We allow it and accept it.

**In the event there is rain please be prepared with an umbrella, long pants, socks, and shoes.


Moisturize daily and shower with a mild gel! No loofah or washcloths and use lotion daily!

If you are planning to swim in the pool or hot tub be sure to get in and out, repeat. The longer you soak in water, the more your tan will fade. Our tans will fade each time but will not strip off immediately.

Applying a waterproof lotion sunscreen during pool or hot tub time will help protect your tan from fading.

Spray tans will not protect you from the sun. Wear sunscreen!

Avoid waxing or exfoliating of any type. Once your tan starts to fade you may exfoliate and scrub to remove what remains on your skin.​

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